At district headquarter, Basant Panchmi Mela (During February every year) is organised with the worship of idols of Raghunathji, Narshingji and god Surya. The festival is celebrated for three days with a large local market for villagers to procure there essential requirements for the entire year. Besides this, it has all arrangements for rural entertainment. Therefore, it has very much attention and importance for rural population scattered in the district.


In Pavta village, the young men of Gurjar caste, celebrated the traditional Holi with a difference. On the next day of Dhulandi, those young men throw a jet of water on each other using a small pot made up of leather from the four adjacent ponds prepared for this purpose. It goes on for one hour and they face it with brevity and enthusiasm.


On Lalsot road, there is a holy place of Sufi Sant Hazaratshah Shekh Jamal. During the Urs, a lot of pilgrims visit to this place every year. famous singers make this more attractive by singing religious songs all over the night.


The folk art of Hela-Khayal is a unique singing style of this region. Its' uniqueness lies in its traditional singing which is highly stylised yet it has now been skillfully employed to comment on the current socioeconomic-political scenario in a satirical manner. Extremely popular among the village folk of Dausa, Hela singers demonstrate and typify the undying spirit and zest for life of its people.